Silvers Beef Jerky Review


– Dry Jerky
– Strong Flavour
– Long Lasting Chew


– Snake Bite Flavour Is VERY hot
– Packaging can be a bit hard to open

Click the Image To Visit the Silvers Website

What is It?

Its a brand Of Beef Jerky From QLD AUSTRALIA and they use Grass-fed Beef

How does it Taste?

I have to say I loved the stuff! I’ve tasted ALOT of jerky and this brand is easily my Favourite!

The flavours were really strong and very tasty. The flavour stays in your mouth and you find yourself wanting more and more untill the whole bag is consumed!

Hows the Texture?

The pieces are quite big which makes for a sumptuous mouthful.

This is the very dry style of beef jerky, which I prefer. You can keep chewing on it for ages before it breaks down

Final Thoughts?

The Packaging is cute but kind of hard to find your way into which isint ideal.

My favourite flavour is the Chlli Beef. It was just hot enough to leave me feeling like i had dragon breathe, without needing to go running for the milk. It was so yummy, and the firmness and dryness were just how i like them.
My least favourite thing was the SnakeBite Chill flavor. OMG! Capital H-o-t…….HOT! Upon popping this in my mouth i had to spit it out and run for the milk. It was a painful and i wouldn’t try it again. But of course there will be those out there who love the heat.

Have you tried Silvers beef jerky? Please add your opinions Below

Flavour – 10/10
Texture – 10/10
Packaging – 9/10


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