Love ‘Ems Liver Treats for Pets Review


  • – Small
  • – Not Messy
  • – Very Nutritional
  • – Doggys Love Em


  • – Can Be a little Crumbly


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These aren’t your average doggy treats, these ones boast Use of only human grade 100%
Australian grown Beef, Pork or Lamb liver

They are high in protein and low in salt so you know you doing your dog a favour by supplying these little beauties. And they wont hurt your pocket to much either.

Love Ems Purrfect Liver treats for Cats look almost like your standard dry food, Small but quite dense and hard. Containing all the goodies one would expect in a healthy kitty treat, Love Ems will not disappoint. Cats are known to have a strong will to do whatever they like, but maybe you can coax them into playing nice if you hide a bag of Love Ems Purrfect Liver Treats Nearby.

The Love Em Liver Cookies are designed for dogs & puppies. Contain all the needed vitamins and minerals growing dogs need. Cookies the size of a poker chip (approx) and about 1cm in thickness. They are dry to the touch like a real cookie should be, and they crumble when bitten. My favourite part is the fact they don’t smell foul like some pet treats do, and they come in a handy resealable bag.

My dogs adored these as you can see in the video below.

So get onboard and test out some Love Ems Pet treats on the fluffy members of your family. You’ll be glad you did, and your pets will thank you for it.

Check out Australia’s fastest growing pet treat brand Love Ems

Nutrition – 10/10

Looks – 10/10

Smell – 9/10

Doggy Appeal – 10/10


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