Dr Roebucks – Pure Moisturising Cream Review


  • No Irritation, all natural
  • No Smells or Fragrances
  • Great Moisturising Power


  • Hard to Disperse
  • Not the Cheapest


What is It?

Dr Roebucks Pure is a Non Allergenic Facial Moisturiser and skin elasticiser. The formula is designed for Sensitive skin as it is a calamnt for dry itchy skin In All ages

How does it smell?

There is next to no odur present in PURE,  it could easily be used by men and kids.

How does it feel?

The Texture of PURE is soft but firm, you get a few seconds to rub it in, before it starts to set and gets Claggy hard to move. In my opinion this is what makes it special, as you know its going to work on your skin. Its absorbed very quickly into the skin and for best results you need to put a thin white layer accross your skin and not keep rubbing it in like a standard moisturiser. I find it best of you patter it into your skin instead of rubbing it.

Did You See Resuts?

After using PURE on my face everyday for 4 weeks i can see a slight improvement in the baggy area under my eyes. Overall My skin feels softer and smoother when i use PURE as opposed to my standard moisturiser, but you do need a few minutes to wait for it to soak in. My skin is prone to dry patches, while ive still seen a few patches this has visibly improved my dry skin situation!



Texture – 9/10

Value – 7.5/10

Smell – 10/10

Spreadability – 7/10


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Melanie B says:

    Thanks for the interesting review. Ive not tried this myself but have considered buying it. It does look very thick.


  2. Courtney jayne says:

    I like this cream it feels lovely on my skin and soaks in nicely, a bit expensive more of a treat for my skin then an everyday product due to my budget.


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